Outcast Social Groups are all Killers (apparently).

We all are sick of the media blaming video games for all violent crimes. This once again caught my attention this morning when I chanced to look at a newspaper an old man was reading on the train. What caught my attention was the prominent image of the Achievement Hunters logo. At first I thought it might be something cool but it turned out to be an article about Will Cornick, the British 15 year old who stabbed his teacher to death and just received a twenty year jail sentence. Continue reading

Book Review – ‘The Magician’s Guild’ by Trudi Canavan

‘The Magician’s Guild’ is a simple, well enough written book that could have achieved so much more. It was Trudi Canavan’s first book and it definitely shows. To me the book felt kind of flat. The world was interesting but unexplored and the character’s all felt two dimensional.

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Here is an Angela Carter style subversion of a fairytale that I wrote about six years ago. Its not horror but it is kinda creepy. I wrote it as an end of year present for my English teacher then used it on numerous occasions after for school and even uni projects. Enjoy.


The death happened on a sunny day down by the peaceful brook where families often picnicked in the warm days of summer. Who among the villagers would have guessed that a venomous snake lurked among the dark bushes that lined the silver stream? The girl Pinnoca, who was entering into the cusp between child and woman, certainly didn’t. As she picked the sweet smelling flowers of dazzling colours that grew beside the water, the snake had struck out and plunged its fangs into her rosy flesh. In her shock she had staggered back, lost her footing and plunged into the chill waters. The bite was not deep but the venom spread through her veins and froze her limbs. She drowned, her lips inches from the air that they so desperately sought.

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