Opinions on Gun Control

I am going to briefly write about my feelings on gun control in America. As a disclosure I will state here that I am an Englishman so my views will be both bias toward greater control and, quite frankly, be completely irrelevant. As such, I am not going to go on a tirade and try to convince people to change their world views on guns. Instead I would just like to highlight something that I hear a lot from pro-gun activists.

The sentiment given after events such as school shootings that I hear again and again is that: banning guns is all fair and good but would leave Americans defenceless since, surprise surprise, criminals don’t obey the law so would be the only ones to keep guns.

This statement, at its core, is pretty truthful. Criminals would still be armed. That is unavoidable. It would make getting involved with violent crime harder but it would still exist. The trouble is, these statements come out following school shooting committed by school student, not criminals.

Mentally troubled kids and adults who snap, pick up a gun and begin to kill without any intention of getting out alive. That is who commits these atrocities. Until they pull that trigger, they are not criminals. They are regular people who have access to dangerous weapons. With stricter gun controls, how many of these people would have been unable to go on their rampages?

“But if everyone in schools had a gun then any madman would be put down before too many could be hurt”. Yeah, maybe. But guess what? Anybody can snap. Anybody can have a really bad day, be furious with somebody or become distraught. Maybe I’m a pessimist with no faith in humanity but I don’t think that people should have immediate access to something that can kill another so easily. Think of every single time you have ever seen someone lash out or lose their shit. Now imagine if they had a gun on their person at the time. For me, that does not paint a pretty picture.

All I can really say though is that I cannot express how glad I am that I can live my life where I am without fear of being shot. It might be cold and rainy here but at least I feel safe.

Stay safe everyone, wherever you are.

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