Novel Extracts

Buccaneer Jones and The Fires of Peace – (Chapter 1. Completed) (2019)

Thorns of the Shadow: Blood, Blades and Bacon – (Chapter 1. Completed. Self-Published) (2017)

The Sword Summoner: History Repeats – (Chapter 1. Completed. Self-Published) (2014)

Apocalypse Later(Chapter 1. In-Progress) (2018)

Insanity Nova(Chapter 1. In-Progress) (2018)

Reflections of the Blood Moon(Chapter 1. In-Progress) (2018)

Forges of Icarus(Chapter 1. In-Progress) (2018)

A Crown of Blood and Ash – (Chapter 1. In-Progress) (2019)

Thorns of the Shadow: The Taste of Lead and Lightning – (Chapter 1. In-Progress) (2018)



Words of Fate: Of Quills and Swords (Issue 1) (2015)

Words of Fate: Monsters of the Past (Issue 2) (2015)

Words of Fate: Darkness of Men (Issue 3) (2015)


Short Stories


Pinnoca (2012)

Points of View

The Electronic Dreams of Man (2014)

The Sinning Saint

Truth Lies Beyond

Whispers on the Wind (2014)



Border Collie Ballad

City Gods

Drunk in the Amber Moonlight

Ode to Education

Reflection (2019)

Reminiscent Futures


The Hymn of Humanity

The Lost Watchmaker

Thoughts of a Friend

Winter Night

Wonderland Blues (2015)



Lead Writer – Guildmasters – Baronnerie Games  (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BaronnerieGames.Guildmasters)

Guildmaster Credits

Writer – Nine Noir Lives – Silvernode Studios (http://ninenoirlives.com)

Lead Writer – Castledom: Battle Phurthewynn! – Olive Branch Games (https://www.olivebranchgames.net)