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Novels (Completed)

Novel length stories that are complete from beginning to end. Read these for a full narrative experience.

The Sword Summoner: History Repeats

YA – Fantasy – 118,000 words – 2014

The Sword Summoner: History Repeats is a fun, action-packed re-imagining of the fantasy genre based around a boy’s struggle to free his mother after his city is attacked by monsters who kill and enslave everyone within. Trey Sted is an ambitionless boy in his early teens who lives a boring life in a fantasy world that is quickly becoming a more ordered realm. When the city is attacked by monsters known as Forukks, only Trey, his friend Billy Delb and their insane classmate Zak Malma are able to escape. Determined to save his mother whatever the cost, Trey travels the land to the mighty city of Onlasar to rally support against the Forukks. During the journey they are pursued by Forukks, captured by desert tribes and forced into helping a young tribal princess flee her home. The rest of the land has also been thrown into chaos by dark plans and nothing is certain. When everything seems to be lost, Trey’s true destiny is forced upon his shoulders.


Thorns of the Shadow: Blood, Blades, and Bacon

Urban Fantasy – 102,000 words – 2017

KT and Kai Redthorn are both failing at life in their own ways. Childhood has ended, dreams have fallen to the wayside, and mind-numbing jobs are all that awaits. KT is driven to succeed but has still fallen short, while Kai has found that his skills are better suited to drinking and flirting. Left to dwell on the future at their aunt’s Highland lodge over the New Year, it’s set to be an uneventful family gathering. That is, until their perception of reality is shattered when an encounter with a succubus throws the twins into a secret society of monsters and magic.

Standing between them and certain death are an eccentric monster hunter called Déaþscúa and their own determination to embrace this new world. Their family is held captive by a cannibalistic witch, so the twins must fight against the clock to save them. Déaþscúa has his own battles to fight, though, and his own secrets to keep. Can the twins stay afloat through the unearthly dangers that surround them, or will Déaþscúa’s private war pull them under completely?

Thorns of the Shadow: Blood, Blades, and Bacon is a fast-paced action fantasy with a quirky mix of off-the-wall humour and bloody battles that will leave you thirsty for more.


Buccaneer Jones and the Fires of Peace

YA – Fantasy – 68,000 words – 2020

A pacifist pirate wants to be a farmer, but instead is given the power to burn down the world.

Buccaneer Jones wants nothing more than to leave his life at sea and follow his passion for plants by becoming a farmer on a small island. Unfortunately for him, he lives in a world of daring pirates where one’s affinity, a magical alignment to one of the four elements, determines what kind of life you will lead. For years he has wished for the rare gift of an earth affinity, but when the day of his Awakening arrives, fate has other ideas and Bucc is forced onto an adventure that could change the world.


Novels (Unfinished)

Novel-length projects that are either in-progress or on indefinite hiatus. If any story catches your eye, leave a comment with feedback or reviews and it might adjust my focus more in that direction.

A Crown of Blood and Ash (Fantasy)

A group of orphans fight for survival in a post apocalyptic world. They have ambitions beyond living like rats, and will do whatever it takes to rise through the world and achieve their dreams of power and fame.

A Rubber Ducky at the End of the World (Super Powers/Dystopia/Humour)

A science experiment goes wrong and suddenly every human becomes a superman. Society rips itself to pieces as everyone vies for survival, power, or the simple enjoyment of throwing people through walls.

Bobby and Belle (Younger Children’s Historical Adventure) [Children]

A young brother and sister find an old book in their local library that teleports them through time in a quest to find the missing words and save the world, all before they’re late for tea!

Forge of Icarus (Fantasy)

Insanity Nova (Sci-Fi)

A young woman who represents the peak of humanity journeys alone through space on a scientific expedition to secure humanity’s foothold amongst the stars. This destiny isn’t one she chose, and the isolation gradually fractures her mind.

Reflections of the Blood Moon (Fantasy)

Something Like Life (Dark Comedy/Literary Fiction)

A look at Millennial life through the eyes of a nihilistic twenty something young man in a modern English city as he drags himself through life against the harsh realities of the world and his own mental health.

The Knightingale

Daisy Nightingale is just beginning her life as a police officer in training, but she has a big secret. Daisy can talk to animals, and she isn’t afraid to ask her furry and feathery friends for help with becoming the greatest detective the world has ever known!

Thorns of the Shadow: The Taste of Lead and Lightning (Urban Fantasy)

Book 2 of Thorns of the Shadow.


Words of Fate (Fantasy)

Follow the up and coming Wordsmith Sytheis Tia Menrha as he tries to live an easy life as a bard and poet, but somehow always finds himself in the middle of political intrigue, viscous battles, and encounters with terrifying monsters.The world is changing, and like it or not, it seems that Sytheis will have a front row seat of the show.

Short Stories

The Last Day (Dark Humour – 2020)

A depressed guy promises himself that today is the last day of his life.

The Girl (2020)

An old woman tries to reconnect with the little girl of her hopeful past.

Truth Lies Beyond the Lines (Psychological – 2013)

An experimental piece exploring perception.

Perfection (Gothic – 2010)

A genius artist is obsessed with making his portraits perfect.

Whispers on the Wind (Gothic/Fairytale – 2014)

A young boy makes a deal with a voice carried by the wind.

Electronic Dreams of Man (Sci-Fi/Dystopian – 2014)

An old man reflects on technology.

Points of View (Fantasy/Comedy – 2010)

Two soldiers on opposing sides of a battle give their points of view of the event.

The Sinning Saint (Crime – 2011)

Two detectives interrogate a prolific serial killer.

Pinocca (Gothic/Fairytale – 2011)

A young girl is reborn as a puppet after her untimely death.


Chapped Lips (2020)

A Voice Through the Wires (2020)


The Hymn of Humanity

Smile (2013)

Ode to Education (2013)

Border Collie Ballad

Reflection (2019)

Reminiscent Futures

Wonderland Blues

Drunk in the Amber Moonlight

Winter Night

City Gods (2013)

The Thoughts of a Friend (2012)