Destiny – Destined to Fail?

Destiny was Bungie’s first project after the colossal success of the Halo trilogy. It was released September 2014, a year that will go down in gaming history as pretty disappointing all around, and had been conducting the hype train as frantically as Denzel Washington in Unstoppable. Everything was set for Destiny to be the first truly great game of the Xbox One/PS4 generation. Continue reading

Witcher 3 – Side Quests Done Right

Do you know what I am loving most about The Witcher 3? It is the stories of everyday life in this vast fantasy world filled with monsters, war and the potential end of times. There is a massive cast of supporting characters, most of who are simple peasants or merchants, yet they are all so varied and interesting. Seeing how Geralt, an outcast, interacts with them is simply brilliant.  Continue reading