The Motivation of Anime.

A few minutes ago I finished watching the anime, Assassination Classroom. It was a thoroughly enjoyable show, but on a deeper level, it fulfilled a need within me to keep pushing for a better future.

For a show about a classroom of students attempting to kill their super powerful teacher before he can destroy the world, the show had a mix of action and humour, but also of self reflection. Some of the key themes of the show are about the uncertainty of the future, how much your past impacts that future, and how to take your strengths and flaws and use them to the best effect. Take away the flashy assassination backdrop and it is a simple coming of age story. Something we can all relate to. Continue reading

Support my writing.

I am looking into alternative business models in the hopes of making my writing a sustainable source of income. I hope to be able to create an independent infrastructure from which to market and sell my work in a way that is free from middlemen who take large chunks of any money. As such, the support of all of you would mean a lot to me.

One direction that I am looking at the moment is to implement a system whereby people pay £5 and receive a year’s worth of serialised shortstories. This will be one episode each month that range between 10k-15k words. 120,000 words minimum for £5 is incredible value for money. Continue reading