Writing Update October 2014

This is a quick update just to let everyone know whereabouts I am with potential books. Since I’ve started back at university my pace has slowed a bit due to the workload but I am still making fair progress.

For those of you wondering about book two in ‘The Sword Summoner’ series, both it and book three have been written as a first draft but are in need of a lot of editing and changing. This is because I wrote all three back to back then went back to ‘History Repeats’ and basically re-wrote it so many of the story details in the sequels no longer match up. Work wise I could have book two and three finished quite quickly but since book one was self published, I cannot traditionally publish the other two and so need to self publish them too unless the first is picked up by a publisher. This isn’t cheap so I need to sell more of the first book to reinvest the money into publishing the second. Until I have that money, ‘The Sword Summoner’ is sadly dead weight for now. So if you want to read more from Trey, Zak and Billy you will need to spread the word.

My main time investment is on a new story that is an adult Fantasy story set in modern times. I am on chapter twelve of this story and am 47,000 words in an the point of writing this. I’d say that it is just over half way finished on the first draft. I intend to send this off to traditional publishers once it’s finished and hope that it gets picked up. If you are to find anything written by me in the shops in the near future, this will most likely be it, fingers crossed.

Other than these there are always a few poems and short stories that fall from my mind. If anyone knows a good place to send them then feel free to let me know in the comments as I have never really done anything with any of these.

I will post a short story on this site on Halloween, because why not, so hopefully a few folk will enjoy that. Until next time though, cya.

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