Dreams or logic: RTX or not?

I have been a big fan of everything Rooster Teeth for over a decade now. I have also been a fan of anime, video games and geek culture my entire life and strive to attend as many local conventions that I can. So when Rooster Teeth announced RTX I was instantly interested. They have several years under their belt now yet I have not gone to a single one.

This is because I am a shy English student with little money, confidence or friends. I know nobody who would want to go with me and I have not been abroad since I was 13. I am 22 now, am in my final year of university and am, to be honest, pretty miserable. At every stage of my life I keep telling myself that things will get better. In the case of RTX I always said that I would wait until I started making some money and had some friends to go with.

This past month though has made me re-evaluate this plan though. As many of you might know, Monty Oum died on February 1st. I had always wanted to meet him. He was such a massive inspiration to so many people and as a creator myself, I probably had most in common with him than any of member of the RT crew. I will never get that chance now. Had I not let doubt hold me back then I might have had the chance to speak with him. I realise now that in a year’s time, I might not be here. Another Rooster Teeth member might not be here. The Earth might not be here. I shouldn’t hold back on my life.

With all that said and done though, those doubts and troubles still remain. It will still clear out my bank and terrify me to go to a country I have never visited, let alone by my self.

I’ve never been good at taking risks. What do you guys think? Should I ignore the negatives and just take a chance? Would you guys welcome a socially awkward Brit? I get tongue-tied easily but I guess that I do have a sexy English accent. Let me know your thoughts.

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