Thank you, Rooster Teeth

This whole thing might come across as a bit corny but oh well. I feel that it needs to be said.

Thank you, Rooster Teeth. Thank you so, so very much.

I have been watching your content since back in 2004 and it has really helped me through some dark times. I suffer with long-term depression, am introverted, socially awkward and barely speak even to my own family but Rooster Teeth has always made me feel like a member of a community, of a family.

Listening to the podcast is like being in a room with friends as they talk about nothing, drink some beer and just have a laugh. I feel like I am there with them even though I never say a word. That is why Rooster Teeth has always done so well. The staff have a talent for making their fans feel involved. Events like RTX show just how much passion people have toward this stupid little company that plays video games and makes internet videos. There is genuine affection and excitement  towards the company that is so rare.

There is a lot of negativity on the internet and if this year has taught me one thing so far it is that life is short and that we should show our gratitude to those who make us happy before that chance is taken away from us forever. The guys and girls of Rooster Teeth have made me laugh every single day of the past eleven years. That is a pretty big thing. More than that though, the company has always inspired me to keep moving forward. Looking at how a few dudes playing Halo evolved into a successful company who have produced their own original show, a live action movie and are growing stronger and more influential with each passing year shows that you can succeed with your dreams with hard work and creativity. Anything is possible with the right mindset.

So, for over a decade’s worth of entertainment, more laughs than I could ever possibly count and the constant push to keeping us all fighting for our aspirations, you all have my deepest thanks. Hopefully I will be able to say it in person one day. Keep on being awesome.

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