Chapter 8. Plans. (The Sword Summoner: History Repeats)

Thunder rolled across the city in great, rumbling peals. The sounds were disjointed and varied but all somehow the same. Xion stood at his window, staring transfixed at the destruction beyond. Each crash shook the house and rattled the shelves and cupboards.

At first he had been terrified. Pastrino under attack, it seemed ridiculous. There had been no warning, and the rain of death and the following tide of dark warriors had been swift and merciless. Fires burned everywhere and a constant symphony of screams echoed through the cramped structures. Fear had clutched tightly at his heart until he had his first clear look at the beasts.

“Could it really be? Forukks? I thought them lost to the pages of history.”

He stood in terrified fascination, watching the beasts ravish the city further down the hill. It would be a matter of minutes before they pillaged their way to his house. He did not move though. He watched; watched the Forukks kill those who stood against them but carried many more away back to the west. The Forukks had no need for prisoners. Xion’s only knowledge of the beasts confirmed that they lived to fight and only used humans as targets and food. This did not fit with their behaviour.

A sudden thought struck him. If the Forukks were taking prisoners, then presumably they would be taking them back into their own lands. The Shadow Land, Miankkuth. If Xion’s theory was correct, Miankkuth was where the weapon was hidden. Excitement flooded his body. It was a sensation that he had almost forgotten. This was perfect. He had finally been handed a method to fulfil his life’s work. Forcing down a smile, he seated himself at his desk and waited.

He hadn’t been there long when the monsters burst down his door. They trampled into his study then stopped at seeing him so full of calm and control. One spoke in its own guttural tongue and Xion knew enough to piece together its meaning: “He smells happy.”

“I am happy, Forukk,” Xion responded. The creatures grunted in surprise at his ability to understand them. “You are taking us to Miankkuth, correct?”

“Correct,” growled the same Forukk as before. Xion took him to be this group’s leader.

Xion gave a satisfied laugh. “Perfect. We have much to offer one another.”

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