Chapter 35. Holding the Line. (The Sword Summoner: History Repeats)

Suzy Fireblood led her ten brave soldiers forwards as the barbarians charged towards them with murderous intent. With a sigh she slid her spear from her shoulder and in one fluent movement lunged at the warrior fronting the horde. The metal tip pierced through leather and flesh like butter and embedded itself in the man’s heart. Even before she withdrew it she broke another man’s nose with the metal plated end of the shaft.

The small squad forced its way forward through the vicious tide of savages until they reached the gates. A carpet of blood and bodies followed in their wake. They held their ground against the seemingly unstoppable army like a rock parting the waters of a raging river.

Suzy dodged and lunged seamlessly, her spear lashing out in wide arching slashes and viper like stabs that cleared a ring around her. While she defended with one half of the spear she killed with the other in a constant blur of motion.

A lanky barbarian with a weasel-like face and greasy hair managed to stick one of his two swords into one of Suzy’s men while he parried a blow with his second. He was cut down by a slash through his throat. Another of the defenders fell when a crossbowman picked him off while staying safely out of the combat. A well aimed throwing dagger ended his threat but the damage had been done.

With two men dead they could no longer hold their ground. Slowly they were pushed back. Suzy made sure every step was paid for dearly in blood. Another of her men was killed then another. The barbarians started to seep around them into the city. Suzy was about to send some men to stop them when something caught her eye.

Walking through the gate was the enemy leader, Serka. He smiled and laughed jollily as he spotted the seven defenders almost halting his entire army. He walked forwards drawing every eye in Suzy’s squad. None of them dared to move even to stop the flow of warriors leaking into the city.

The wind seemed to become wild as the man got ever nearer to them. Suzy’s raven hair whipped across her face and covered her eyes. This blocked her eye contact with Serka and snapped her out of the trance-like state she had been in.

Serka laughed louder when he saw Suzy regain her wits and ready her spear. Seeing their leader prepare to face the barbarian brought back feelings to her men and they too readied themselves to fight. The passing barbarians no longer meant anything to them.

Suzy met each one of her men’s eyes and each nodded to the unasked question. They charged at Serka, weapons raised, roaring a wordless battle cry. The other barbarian warriors paid them no heed as the group ran past them. Only Serka watched them, grinning maliciously as they approached.

A man went into a flanking position at either side of Serka, two stayed in front of him, two stayed back to be support, and Suzy had leapt into the air to take him from above by using her spear to vault herself upward.

Before any of them even had the chance to attack, Serka lashed out at the two men facing him, crumpling their chests with the colossal club. The men at the side used this opportunity to lunge at him with their swords. The first hit amour and merely scraped off. The second found flesh. At the same time Suzy’s spear descended towards his head.

Holding his mighty club in one hand he swung at the man that had just stabbed, hitting him in the head, causing it to explode like a melon. In the same space of time he grabbed Suzy’s spear that was inches from his face with his other hand and threw her at a nearby wall. She impacted it with a sickening crack.

As Serka watched the woman hit the wall one of the support troops charged him. Just before the sword struck him Serka head butted the man square in the nose. Blood sprayed forth and the man dropped to the floor. Only two men remained now.

The soldier at Serka’s side dropped his sword and staggered backwards. “I surrender. Please just don’t hurt me,” he pleaded. Tears flooded from his eyes and his entire body shook with terror.

A gentle look filled the barbarian’s eyes. “I understand,” he said sympathetically.

“R-really?” stammered the man.

“Of course,” replied Serka calmly.

In one great movement Serka swung his club with all his strength in an upward sweep at the man. The soldier flew through the air and slammed into a wall. The last man turned and ran but was cut down by the barbarians that still poured past.

“Cowards,” muttered Serka. He was about to continue on into the city when he realised that the woman was back on her feet. Only just, he noted.

Suzy’s name stake flared up within her. She was not known as Fireblood for nothing. Anger coursed through her, giving her strength. She slowly pulled herself up from the floor and staggered to her feet. Her right arm was broken and she was severely bruised in many places and could barely stand. She did not care. She smiled over to Serka but he seemed to have lost interest.

“Surely there is someone in the Sprite damned city who is worthy of fighting me,” the barbarian grumbled. “Gritz, finish off our friend here while I try and find a good fight.” Serka turned and left.

Seemingly out of nowhere the green bearded sorcerer appeared. Other than his beard he was totally bald. His eyes had no pupils, just eternal white that seemed to draw any lookers into them. He sighed then held out his hand. The last thing Suzy saw was a blazing inferno flying towards her.

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